Energy & Transport Summit IV digital

December 15, 2020

Where energy and transport meet is exceptionally challenging in the wind sector. For companies and organizations involved in wind energy, logistics, transport, and shipping topics are not trivial organizational support functions with routine tasks... 

Wind turbines are scaling up to yield more power per installed unit in order to bring down overall cost and make wind energy competitive with other energy forms. As the individual machines yield more output, they also get bigger. And heavier. This makes the transportation challenge and related logistics issues even more pronounced. And the race for bigger output yield is fierce with industry consolidation taking place at all tiers of the value chain.

Lots of indigenous innovation, new ideas, and hard work to achieve economies of scale characterize the energy and transport industries as collaboration intensifies and both industries assume leadership in spearheading the change necessary in terms of logistics, transport, and shipping. This continuous improvement is done to advance the diffusion of wind energy on a global basis. And the wind industry is globalizing fast when it comes to onshore wind and also offshore wind. 

The Energy & Transport Summit IV digital provided a view into the engine room of cross-supply chain wind shipping and logistics cooperation in wind energy. All presentations and moderator/speaker profiles are available here and recordings of all panels can now be downloaded.

High level program:

09.30: Welcome and opening

09.35: Introduction session
10.00: Seven years of shipping and logistics collaboration
10.50: Bio Break
11.00: The maritime part of the wind energy value chain
12.00: Lunch break
12.30: New technology and innovation
13.15: Standardization across the supply chain
14.00: Logistical aspects of offshore wind globalization
15.00: Conference closing followed by online networking

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Energy & Transport Summit IV Digital here

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Detailed Programme:

09:30-09:35 Welcome and opening, Thomas Poulsen

09:35-10:00 Introduction session: Cross-value chain collaboration in clusters and between clusters by Glenda Napier, Energy Cluster Denmark and Mikkel Hansen, MDC/MARLOG

10:00-10:50  Panel session 1: Seven years of shipping and logistics collaboration

                      Moderator:  Ignacio Marti, DTU Wind Energy


      • Utilization of handling/lifting/transport equipment by Jakob S. Schmidt, DIS/CREADIS
      • Future proofing ports: How big are the wind turbines going to be? by Nicolai Noerager Andersen, DHL
      • New sheriff in town - USA wind energy infrastructure by Thomas Poulsen, Panticon


10:50-11:00 Bio Break

11:00-12:00 Panel session 2: The maritime part of the wind energy value chain

                      Moderator:  Mikkel Hansen, MDC/MARLOG


      • Together we increase the potential of the Ports by Jeppe la Cour, Port of Roenne
      • Wind vessels of the future by John Koch Nielsen, FORCE Technology
      • Green fuels O&M project by Søren Karas, Esvagt


12:00-12:30 Lunch Break

12:30-13:15 Panel session 3: New technology and innovation

                      Moderator:   Henrik Böhmer, Energy Cluster Denmark


      • Making onshore wind O&M more effecient as wind turbines become taller by Per Fenger, Liftra
      • Logistics and installation practices in China by Mark Lou, Ming Yang Smart Energy Group
      • Package delivery by drones by Mads Jørgensen, Upteko


13:15-14:00 Panel session 4: Standardization across the supply chain

                      Moderator:   Elizabeth Rankin, BreakBulk Media & Events


      • Common approach to equipment design and lifting guidelines by Christian Munk Jensen, Energy Cluster Denmark
      • Offshore wind lifts together by Eduard Lopkov, Ørsted
      • Common tower equipment by Kim D. Jensen, Advantis


14:00-14:55 Panel session 5: Logistical aspects of offshore wind globalisation

                      Moderator:  Feng Zhao, Global Wind Energy Council


      • Building logistics competencies in a new market: The USA offshore wind case by Britta Gammelgaard, CBS, and John Saldanha, WVU
      • Putting up offshore wind turbines in Taiwan during Covid 19 by René Damgaard, Fairwind
      • Global wind vessel market updates by Frederik Colban-Andersen, Clarksons Platou


14:55-16:00    Conference closing followed by online networking, Thomas Poulsen




Wind Logistics Group is a cross-value chain collaboration forum where companies and organizations work together to advance logistics, shipping, maritime, offshore, and ports topics for the wind industry. Wind Logistics Group is the successor of the Reference Group of the Global Wind Energy Shipping and Logistics PhD research project of Thomas Poulsen. Transportens InnovationsNetVærk (TINV) and Panticon jointly fund that Thomas Poulsen can continue to be the facilitator of Wind Logistics Group. TINV will become part of Maritime & Logistics Innovation Denmark (MARLOG) on January 1, 2021

Energy Cluster Denmark is the national Danish cluster organization and innovation network for the entire energy sector. Energy Cluster Denmark has 400 members and 80+ projects, where we facilitate innovation projects related to energy production, energy infrastructure, energy storage and energy efficiency, as well as enabling digitalization, system integration and sector coupling within a smart connected energy system. We are the energy sector's preferred innovation platform, when companies and knowledge institutions seek to collaborate in regards to development of new energy solutions. We help facilitate and fundraise concrete demand-driven innovation activities that always involve partnerships between our members, small and medium-sized companies, market-leaders, the public sector as well as leading research and knowledge institutions.

Summit Partners:

TINV The Innovation Network of Transport (Transportens InnovationsNetVærk, or TINV) is a Danish network for transport and logistics which was inaugurated in 2010. In the context of transport and logistics, the purpose of TINV is to facilitate the exchange of experience as well as knowledge while at the same time foster collaboration between private companies and knowledge institutions. The TINV network actively works on bringing together stakeholders across the transport and logistics community to create synergies, identifying needs for new technologies, and facilitating the creation of projects to implement the new technologies. The challenges of the future include research, development, demonstration, and innovation within the areas of technology, systems, and human resources. Together with other Danish networks Fyns Maritime Klynge and MARCOD, TINV will become part of MARLOG as of January 1, 2021. Find out more: https://www.tinv.dk/

GWEC is a member-based organization that represents the entire wind energy sector. The members of GWEC represent over 1,500 companies, organizations and institutions in more than 80 countries, including manufacturers, developers, component suppliers, research institutes, national wind and renewables associations, electricity providers, finance and insurance companies. Find out more: https://gwec.net/

BreakBulk Events & Media brings together the project cargo and breakbulk community through its media products and its events, which are held each year. It provides business intelligence around project trends and the global economy, while providing a central meeting point, both virtual and in-person for discussions around important topics that relate to project opportunities. In 2021, one of the eight key themes is energy with a particular emphasis on offshore wind power. Wind projects have proven to be resilient over the past year when other energy projects have been side-lined. The Wind Logistics Group partnership with Breakbulk is an important conduit to industry professionals across the logistics and transport sectors. Find out more: http://breakbulk.com/


MDC The Maritime Development Center (MDC) is the cluster organization for the shipping and maritime community in Denmark - the "Blue Denmark". MDC is a network organization for the maritime business and related stakeholders. The organization was founded in 1999 and today boasts some 170 members. As a cluster organization, MDC brings together authorities, knowledge institutions, companies working across all parts of the maritime industry. The strength of MDC is the ability to work and collaborate across the entire shipping and maritime industry value chain. On January 1 2021, MDC is merging with the other shipping and maritime related clusters in Denmark to become MARLOG. Find out more: https://mdc.center/

Panticon is a management consulting company that is particularly strong in the Offshore Wind and Logistics sectors within three core disciplines of “Strategic Management Advisory”, “Mergers & Acquisitions”, and “Market Intelligence”. Panticon was formed in 2003 and Managing Partner Thomas Poulsen founded the Global Wind Energy Shipping and Logistics PhD Reference Group which is the predecessor of Wind Logistics Group. Find out more: http://www.panticon.com/

MARLOG Maritime & Logistics Innovation Denmark (MARLOG) is Denmark's new national cluster organization for the maritime industries and logistics. MARLOG will commence operations on January 1 2021 as a result of a merger of several maritime, shipping, transport, and related networks and clusters such as MDC, Fyns Maritime Klynge, MARCOD, and TINV. The mission of MARLOG is to support companies throughout the transport chain and the maritime industry to stand stronger and in this way maintain and further strengthen the position of Denmark being ranked among the world's top nations of the maritime industry including the associated transport and logistics chain. Find out more: https://www.marlog.dk/